3 Jul 2012

Colour Me Happy – Lush Have Launched Cosmetics!

Anyone who has ever wandered past that heavenly smelling shop and turned back to get another whiff will know all about the Lush brand. Once you’re hooked, there’s no getting out!

Lush offers all kinds of lovelies from bath bombs to perfumes and now, it is branching into the wonderful world of cosmetics. ‘Emotional Brilliance’ is what they’ve dubbed their range of 30 products, which, like our Care range, are all completely vegan friendly (round of applause if you will).

The products consist of eyeliners, shadows, lip colours, mascaras and face powders and the different shades are all displayed on the Emotional Brilliance colour wheel. This allows customers to get a personalised colour reading, so a bit like going to see a clairvoyant for your makeup bag!

What happens is, the customer chooses three shades that stand out to them, which are linked to positive words such as ‘glamorous’ and ‘confident’ and this then reveals the customers state of mind!

Inventor of Emotional Brilliance and Co-Founder of Lush, Rowena Bird has spoken of the venture; “The colour that represents your strength you wear where you want to accentuate this. The colour that resonates with your subconscious need – what your subconscious desires the most – you should wear to remind yourself that you need this. And the colour that represents your talent, you should wear to help achieve your subconscious need.” Cute!

The range will launch this this month and will be available to purchase from 21st July, from £12, in Lush stores and online.