4 Jul 2012

Is it a boat? Is it an Island? No, it’s… well, it’s a ‘Floating Island’

If you believe yourself to be a bit of a boat connoisseur, feast your eyes on this, The Osros Floating Island, designed to offer a ‘superyacht lifestyle’ to those on a billionaires non-existent budget.

It may look like an extra extra extra large boat, but wouldn’t you rather holiday on a floating island as opposed to a large yacht?

Boasting six bedrooms, all luxurious in every way of course, a noiseless wind energy system, a bar, a sun deck area, roof top loungers, a BBQ space, Jazuzzi and exotic aquarium, this is available for the small price of just £3 million. If this seems like rather a lot to you, note that previous floating islands have come at the hefty price of around £65 million but accommodatingly, Orsos Island creator Gábor Orsós wanted to offer this luxury at a reduced cost; “In the beginning, my goal was to create an exclusive, high-quality hotel chain based on floating platforms. With the progress of the project it became clear that the attractive and unusual concept of Orsos Islands should not be limited to only a selected group of people.

“Orsos Islands should reach a much broader audience, people with an awareness of modern life and a feeling of responsibility towards the environment.”

We hear that! Now to raise £3 million by 2013…