10 Jul 2012

The Return of the 90’s!

If you’re a bit of a music junkie like us here at the STRUCTURE HQ, you may have noticed a pattern occurring in recent times… The 90’s are having a second wave! Bands such as The Stone Roses (Waterfall), No Doubt (Don’t Speak) and Blur (Park Life) are reuniting and venturing into the 2012 music scene.

No Doubt & the lovely Gwen Stefani are set to release “Settle Down” later this month whilst The Stone Roses have just performed their hugely anticipated shows, with legendary artist and STRUCTURE favourite Damien Hirst even commenting that the band is ‘more important than Picasso.’ Now that’s quite a comparison!

Blur also delivered two new songs via Twitter this week, “Under the Westway” and “The Puritan”, a brave move in the history of releasing music and one that surely won’t be forgotten by their fans!