24 Jul 2012


New STRUCTURE Beach Texture Spray is the secret to achieving relaxed, ‘just off the beach’ styled hair, and is set to be another star performer from the red hot range, synonymous with spontaneous styling and staying power.  This fine mist spray creates a wavy, windswept, wildly-sexy look that is hassle free and hair friendly – and won’t require a trip to the shore!

In addition to boasting a salt-based texturising formula to boost locks, STRUCTURE Beach has a refreshing coconut and papaya scent, with a hold level of 2/5.

So, who’s it good for? Anyone wanting to create a carefree texture, body, bounce and volume. Oh, and anyone looking to impress of course!

Packed with a bodifying salt that creates an enviable tousled look with a light matte finish, STRUCTURE Beach is best used with Foundation. Spray onto damp or dry hair, shape with fingers and blow dry with a diffuser or allow to dry naturally!

STRUCTURE Beach is available in a 150ml spray from selected salons nationwide.