21 Sep 2012

NHF Inspire and Barbers Elite STUDIO 54 COLLECTION for STRUCTURE

The NHF Inspire and NHF Barbers Elite hair teams recently collaborated to create the Studio 54 collection, using STRUCTURE hair products.

Shot by photographer Desmond Murray and with styling and makeup by Tawfi Khoury and Jo Sugar, the collection was set to be an instant success and has recently appeared in trade magazines Salon Focus, Hairdressers Journal, and Salon Business magazine to date. Taking inspiration from the iconic Studio 54 nightclub in New York; “The idea behind the shoot came from the glitz and glamour of the notorious Studio 54 nightclub, where you could go wild and feel like the social elite, with big hair, outrageous fashion and dance the night away forgetting about your everyday life during the week,” says James Beattie, NHF Barbers Elite Manager.

Using a variety of STRUCTURE hair products, unique styles where created on both male and female models; “We decided to go for soft hair styles on the girls and more sculpted, extreme styles on the guys. We wanted the girl’s hair to be almost a bit wind swept than too pristine. We wanted the models to be dressed strongly to accompany the hair,” says Colin McAndrew, NHF Inspire Art Team Manager.

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