Fri 9 Mar 2012

Click, Click, Click… Flash

Yesterday saw the launch of new exhibition ‘Reworked’ by British Fashion Photographer Terry O’Neil.

The exhibition at the Rook and Raven Gallery will showcase the photographer’s most iconic images alongside more modern visuals which have been subject to reinterpretation – Raquel Welch on the Crucifix being one of them.

Terry’s most famous work stems from his time spent photographing the celebrities of the 1960’s and he is known for capturing images in unconventional settings.

Renowned for his work with The Beatles, Elton John and The Rolling Stones, Terry commented; “I have been looking at my photographs for decades and they’ve become very familiar to me. What I love about this collaboration with Rook and Raven is having young artists with a fresh eye interpreting iconic images for a new generation. I am excited to see what they do and why they do it. For me, there is nothing so rewarding as working with new talent and fresh ideas.”